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Annual Fire Safety Reports and Fire Log

Kutztown University's Annual Fire Safety Report contains information and statistics related to fires in on-campus residence facilities. The report includes the location of the fire, total fires in each building, the nature or cause of the fire, the number of injuries requiring medical treatment, number of deaths related to a fire, and the value of property damage caused by a fire.  This information is required by the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) of 2008.  Click the following link to view Kutztown University's  Fire Safety Efforts and Annual Fire Safety Annual Report.

This Annual Fire Safety report includes a "live" log of all fire events that have occurred in our campus residence facilities during the current calendar year. The "Present Year Log" details can be printed, along with the other information contained on this page. Should someone who does not have access to a computer desire to look at this log, requests for a printed copy of the fire log can be made by contacting the Office of Environmental Health and Safety during normal business hours.

In addition to the present year statistics, details on fire incidents in campus residence facilities for previous years can be found in the Fire Log History.

One (1) on-campus fire was originally reported in the 2017 Annual Fire Safety Report for Kutztown University published on September 28, 2017.  This statistic was updated to include a total of three (3) on-campus fires with the Department of Education on March 12, 2018, and on this website on March 13, 2018.

Annual Safety, Security and Crime Statistics Report

In accordance with applicable State and Federal Regulations, the University publishes and distributes crime statistics to all current students, faculty and staff on an annual basis. The crime statistics are also available upon request to all applicants for enrollment or employment. The report is available on the KU website.

Please send your request for a printed version to:

Public Safety and Police Services
13 Old Main
Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
Kutztown, PA 19530
ATTN: Clery Coordinator

Or E-Mail

To view a complete list of all Residence Halls outlining additional Fire Safety information click here.