Senior Scholars & Non-Credit Learning

Kutztown University is proud to announce a new initiative geared toward the local senior community. Senior Scholars will offer low-cost, noncredit lifelong learning experiences for the 50+ age community.

Senior Scholars is actively looking for program proposals and ideas of learning and educational experiences for the 50+ Community! Any ideas could be emailed to or fill out this proposal form with comments. If you are 50+ or know anyone in that age range please do not hesitate to spread the word and to reach out to us to find our more about our upcoming events & wonderful department! Thanks for looking! 

To Register for any upcoming events listed below please visit:

  • Our Upcoming Events 2022

    Tips For Identity Theft Protection

    The fear of identity theft can be the source of stress for anyone, whether they rely on traditional means of financial management, or prefer to handle most things online. Thankfully, there are some easy steps individuals can take to safeguard accounts and other personal information. Join Kelly Ann Ryan, manager of PSECU at Kutztown University, to learn helpful tips for protecting yourself from identity theft. Kelly Ann is a Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor who has a passion for bringing financial education programs to students, staff, and community members of Kutztown University. Please Join Us in the McFarland Student Union Building RM 312 on October 17th at 7:00 P.M.

    The Silent Service

    Submariners from the Lehigh Valley Submarine Veterans Base will present what their life was on a submarine and additional information about them. On November 3rd @ 2 P.M. in McFarland Student Union Building RM 312.

    Tips for identity theft protection with Kelly Ann Ryan on October 17th at 7pm in MSU room 312
    Flyer advertising the Silent Service event on November 3rd at 2pm in MSU room 312
  • Our Past Events

    Printing an Etching

    Here we have Dr. Evan Summer, professor emeritus, the processes involved creating and etching on a copper plate. While explained the plate would then be printed using intaglio inking and a Takach press.

    Colla'brew'tive Tasting Event

    We would like to give a big thanks to David Wagaman for introducing us into the world of low/non-alcoholic beers!

    Dr. Evan Summer explaining to members of our community what printing and etching is.

    Tutorial in progress.

    Members in the community looking in the etching.

    Getting inspiration.

    Seniors looking at etchings on a table in the center of the room
    Welcome meeting with KU senior community, senior members are seated around a board table with a staff member at the head
    Instructor giving a demonstration on etching for senior community members
    KU senior community members looking down at an etching example on a large table