Alternative Grading Policy and Financial Aid Requirements

With the option to change your letter grades to PA/NC (pass/no credit), you need to be aware of how changing your grade may impact your financial aid eligibility.  As a reminder, all students must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA and complete 66.66% of their attempted credits to keep their federal financial aid (Pell grants, SEOG, Federal Direct Stafford loans, Federal Work/Study, PLUS loans) for future semesters. 

  • A “PA” grade will raise your completion percentage but will not affect your GPA.
  • An "NC" grade will not affect your GPA but it will lower your completion percentage.  
  • A “D” grade raises your completion percentage but it will also affect your GPA. If you change a “D” to an "NC" it will not impact the GPA but it will lower your completion percentage.

Please be aware that if you are a full-time PA State grant recipient you must earn 24 new credits each year to keep your PA State grant for the next semester. A "D" grade counts as earned credits; but if you change the "D" grade to "NC" it will not count as earned credits. PA State grants do not have a GPA requirement. Part-time PA State grant recipients must earn 12 new credits each year.

On the grade change form that you will have the option to complete after your grades have been posted, you will be presented with a GPA calculator so you will see how changing your grades impacts the GPA. It will not calculate your credit completion percentage. If you are in danger of going below the 66.66% completion please contact us at Also please e-mail us with any questions regarding your potential grade changes and how it will affect financial aid.