Car Mileage

If you are planning to attend a conference that requires you to pay the hotel fee, you may

The current mileage rate is listed on the current rates page. Multiply the actual mileage by this amount to determine the total amount to be reimbursed. The actual mileage should be calculated from the university to the destination unless you are leaving from your residence and the mileage from your residence to the destination is shorter. No receipts are necessary.

Gasoline purchases, car repairs (even if the result of an accident), and insurance costs may not be claimed when driving a personal vehicle.

If your destination exceeds 400 miles (one-way), you may claim a maximum amount as follows:

  1. 800 miles (total of the round trip) times the current mileage rate (must be documented)
  2. Or provide the cost of a round trip coach airline ticket to the destination