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FDI Living Learning Community


Promote Retention and Academic Excellence
The FDI LLC will provide supplemental orientation and programming to enhance participants' knowledge, understanding and skills necessary for academic and personal success at KU.

Promote Multicultural Awareness
The FDI LLC programs and events will advance cultural awareness, create positive encounters with other cultures, encourage self-assessment of possible prejudice and facilitate the exchange of ideas around cultural diversity and social equality.

Promote Collaboration
The FDI LLC will create opportunities for collaboration and dialogue between faculty, staff, students and KU administrative offices.

Program Components

Academic Courses
There are two academic courses associated with the FDI LLC. This component of the FDI LLC will provide an academic support network for participants, facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration and encourage faculty/student, student/student and faculty/faculty interactions. We require students to enroll in one or both of the courses. Fall 2015 FDI LLC Courses will be HIS 026 and ENG 023.

Group Study Session
Each week the FDI LLC holds a group study session in Lehigh Hall. A group study hall will be established that allows FDI LLC members to establish a designated time for study and encourages good study habits. Participants also have an opportunity to share lecture notes, work on projects and receive assistance in difficult courses. All FDI LLC members are required to participate in the study sessions.

Residential Living
FDI LLC students will be assigned to live in Lehigh Hall for the 2015-2016 academic school year. By living together, members will get a chance to engage other students with similar interests and high personal standards for achievement. Members will also have access to one graduate assistant assigned to the FDI LLC in the FDI office and two upperclassmen community assistants who will live on the floor and assist with any residential concerns.

Weekly Seminar
FDI LLC students will attend a mandatory weekly one hour co-curricular seminar. Each session topic will address the cohort's academic, social and cultural needs. This component of the FDI LLC will, through partnerships and outreach initiatives, provide exposure and access to KU student organizations and existing academic and social support services. Topics for discussion include, but are not limited:

    • Religious/Spiritual Identity
    • Gender Roles
    • Racial/Ethnic Identity
    • GLBTQ Concerns
    • Academic Excellence
    • Political Identity
    • Socioeconomic Status
    • Advisement

Social Events
FDI LLC students will be invited to take part in several organized social events throughout the semester. This component of the FDI LLC will promote productive leisure activities and provide an opportunity for stress release and positive social interactions.

Proposed activities include, but are not limited, to the following:

    • Movie Screenings
    • Intercultural Dining Experiences
    • Social Mixers
    • Retreats or Road Trips
    • Awards Banquet