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FDI Teach-In for Social Justice

FD and KU Bell

Frederick Douglass Institute Teach-In for Social Justice

March 23-27, 2015

2015 marks the 170th anniversary of the publication of Frederick Douglass' classic autobiography, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an America Slave.  The Frederick Douglass Collaborative (KU FDI is one of PASSHE 14 FDIs), which has the goal of nurturing transformative connections among diverse students, faculty, and communities across the Commonwealth, is marking this significant event in the life of our nation through a series of activities that will take place across the PASSHE in 2015.  We invite you to participate in one or more of those events.

Guided by the spirit and legacy of distinguished orator and statesman Frederick Douglass, the Douglass Collaborative seeks to support learning and advocacy opportunities for students and faculty that strengthen the preparation of students to address issues of racism and social/racial inequality. 

Please consider participating in and/or contributing to the following Collaborative commemoration events:

    • A System-wide FDI Teach-In for Social Justice planned for the week of March 23-27, 2015.  Interactive telecast from the Selma March with Ferguson, Missouri and I-Lead Charter, Reading PA high school students with KU students on Monday, March 23rd at 9am. We are delighted that Monday's panel will include a Kutztown student, I-Lead teacher and student, Ferguson teacher and student, Little Rock student, and two St Louis police officers

            March Student Panel             Jesse Receiving Tweets

Kutztown University Students, Brian Kondracki and Jesse Fischer in Montgomery, Alabama for the 50th anniversary March from Selma to Montgomery, taking part in the interactive videocast and twitter program.

    • A distribution list of faculty across the System who are also incorporating these issues into their classrooms or working with students in co-curricular programming.  The goal is to have a space for critical dialogue on the promise and challenges of teaching and organizing around social justice issues, with the goal of stimulating collaboration and research on these topics across the System.


  • Scholarly articles that could be submitted for consideration to the Collaborative peer-reviewed, academic journal, Making Connections: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Cultural Diversity


  • Preparation of students for panel discussions and individual presentations on these topics at the Annual Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Research Conference sponsored by The Frederick Douglass Institute for Academic Excellence at Bloomsburg University April 16 & 17.

Times like these require us to raise our voices, a courageous path forged by Douglass many years ago. The Collaborative believes the Teach-In and associated activities across the System will help us do just that, a fitting tribute to Douglass' life and work.  Please do write to the KU FDI by emailing Dr. Sanelli at  

 Maria Sanelli, Ed.D.
Director, Kutztown University Frederick Douglass Institute