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Online Resources

Pride, Community, and Representation

To counteract the shame and isolation that LGBT people often suffer today, it is important to try to build a sense of pride and community.

Law and Activism

Though Pennsylvania has recently recognized marriage equality, it is still legal at the state level to deny services and housing on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. Poverty and homelessness are especially common among LGBT youth.

College and Work

LGBT students and employees face particular struggles in the classroom and work-environment.

Health and Transitioning

Health-care for LGBT individuals and those living with HIV/AIDS can be struggle, especially for our trans* family. These are a few local and national resources for ensuring you get the health-care you need.


All forms of oppression are linked. We all play diverse roles in the social hierarchy and the intersection of those roles leads to new insights and opportunities in our progress toward liberation and equality.

Straight Allies

While many activists are themselves members of the LGBTQ community, we also value the work of our straight allies. These are some resources to help you become a better ally.