Allergy Vaccines

Allergy Desensitization Injection                                                                    7/15/2020

Effective fall, 2020, Clinical Services will no longer be offering Allergy desensitization injections.  If a student had been receiving allergy injections as prescribed by an allergist at KU Clinical Services, the student can continue to receive the injections at a local physician’s office.

The KU Clinical Services has collaborated with LVPG (Lehigh Valley Physician Group) Family Medicine-Kutztown physician’s office on 333 Normal Avenue, Kutztown, PA 19530 to administer allergy desensitization injections to our KU students.  This office is within walking distance of the University.

The LVPG physician’s office requires that the student transfer their medical records to their office for the years that they will be attending KU.  Please keep original medical records with your primary family doctor for visits as needed during university breaks, closures, and summer. Having the student’s medical records will ensure a safe transition to the LVPG Family Medicine-Kutztown facility as they offer this service to students.

The LVPG physician office will also require all of your Allergist’s contact information, allergy schedules and serum/sera to be brought to your initial appointment.

Fee for Service

LVPG accepts most insurances.  The office will bill your insurance for this service.  The student will be responsible for any balances, such as co-pays/deductibles that are not covered by insurance.  Students should check with their health Insurance company if their insurance is accepted at this facility. 

If a student does not have health insurance, please discuss fees with LVPG directly. 

Scheduling an Appointment

A student will need to schedule an appointment with the LVPG physician to become an established patient, before allergy desensitization injections being administered.  The student will need to bring all medical records and allergist schedule(s)/ orders/ serum/sera to this appointment.

LVPG Family Medicine-Kutztown

333 Normal Avenue
Kutztown, PA 19530
Phone: 610-683-8363
Fax: 610-683-3532            

NOTE:  If faxing any medical records before the initial appointment, the fax cover page must clearly indicate “NEW KU PATIENT”.

General Facility Hours:


8:00 am- 5:00 pm


 8:00 am- 7:00 pm


8:00 am-5:00 pm

Saturday-Sunday: Closed