Clinical Services Fees

Students are charged a per semester Health and Wellness Services fee which covers a wide range of services.  Additionally, fees may be assessed for specialized services.  During an appointment, any additional fees for services, medications, or supplies are reviewed and student’s verbal permission is obtained to have the charge billed to the student’s university account.  No payment is collected at the time of service.  Health Administrative Services processes the additional fees weekly.  This charge will appear on the student's account as a health center miscellaneous fee.  All payments are handled through the Student Account office.

Graduate students who have not been charged the semester Health and Wellness Center fee may have it added to their account by completing the appropriate form at the Health and Wellness Center or by visiting the Student Account Office. 

  • Services with no additional fee
    • Physician and Physician Assistant appointments.
    • Nurse appointments.
    • Women's health appointments (fees are waived at the present time due to Clinical Services' participation in a federal grant)
    • Self-care items (cough drops, sore throat lozenges, OTC pain relievers) in the hallway outside of Clinical Services.                                  
    • Health education materials.
    • Healthcare counseling.
    • Referrals to community resources.
  • Services with an additional fee (Billed to student account)
    • Vaccines:  MMR - $127; Tdap -  $65;   Flu - $20; TB screening - $12.
    • Non-stocked injectable medications administered in Clinical Services - $10 administrative fee.
    • Prescription medications (in stock) - Nominal Fee
    • Medical Supplies - Nominal fee
    • Wound Care - Extensive - $25.00 per semester.
    • On-site lab fee - $10 plus external lab cost.
    • Nebulizer Treatments - $10 per set-up fee.
    • Physicals - $20.00.
    • GYN no show Fee $15.00 per visit