STD Testing


Anyone having sexual contact with another person may be at risk for acquiring a sexually transmitted disease. These diseases can be asymptomatic (meaning without symptoms) at the initial onset.  For this reason, a person should consider screening if they are concerned about a possible exposure to an STD even if they don't have any visible signs or feel ill.

All information will remain confidential

The screening will be done for both Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, which are two commonly seen sexually transmitted infections. The screening is quick and painless. The student must provide a urine sample and the specimen will be sent to a lab for analysis. The screening results will be received in approximately one week. All students will be notified of their screening results. In the event of a positive result, the student will receive both treatment and one-on-one counseling. It is the student's responsibility to notify any sexual contacts. 


This service is provided to currently enrolled students of Kutztown University in partnership with Maternal Family & Health Services (MFHS), the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the National Center for Disease Detection.