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Alcohol Conduct Standard

Alcohol Policy

Student Code of Conduct

Alcohol[1] (IV.9)   

a.       Use, possession, manufacturing, or distribution of alcoholic beverages or alcoholic products on university premises except as expressly permitted by official university policy.

b.      Constructive possession of alcoholic beverages or products whereby possession is defined as the presence of alcoholic beverages or products in an area under one's control such as a residence hall room in which the student is assigned or a vehicle.

c.       Public intoxication on university premises or at official university student activities/functions on or off campus.

d.      Underage use of alcohol including the purchase or attempt to purchase alcohol by a minor.

e.      Excessive use of alcohol resulting in a state of intoxication. Excessive use may include use resulting in a need for medical attention, inability to function without assistance, unconsciousness, incoherent or disoriented behavior, loss of control of bodily functions, and /or having a blood alcohol level of .16 or above.

f.        Selling or furnishing (including the attempt to sell or furnish) alcoholic beverages or products without a license to a minor on or off campus.

g.       Hosting or organizing a party where a party is defined as involving eight (8) or more people in residence halls; or twelve (12) or more in suite style residence halls; or twenty (20) or more in apartments or on nearby grounds at which alcoholic beverages or products and/or drugs are present. Students found responsible for violation of this specific provision are subject but not limited to loss of university housing.

h.       Driving while intoxicated. Intoxication includes driving with blood alcohol content of .08 or greater for persons who are 21 years of age or older or .02 or greater for persons under the age of 21.

[1] The official policy is published in the KU student handbook, The Key; please consult the official policy in the student handbook as needed.