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President's Roundtable

The President's Roundtable on Alcohol & Other Drugs is a campus and community coalition that was established in 1998. Efforts are aimed toward developing strategies that include environmental approaches (such as more vigorous enforcement of zero tolerance laws, other drinking and driving laws, and strategies to reduce the availability of alcohol) as well as initiatives that target individual drinkers (implementation of routine alcohol screening, counseling and treatment).

Events & Accomplishments

Kutztown University concluded its 2015-2017 Pennsylvania Liquor Board Grant.  KU was awarded $40,000 that supported efforts to reduce underage access and underage choice of alcohol consumption in the Kutztown Borough. Funds supported evidence-informed strategies and programs such as capacity building of the President's Roundtable on Alcohol and Other Drugs (PRT), AlcoholEDU for College for first-year students, and Social Norm campaigns.

StepUP! a bystander intervention program was implemented in 2015 and continues today. The program educates students to be proactive in helping others. We continue to support resources to combat negative consequences of underage drinking by educating campus and community stakeholders on pro-active responses using Step UP! Training are available for students and student groups by contacting the director of Health Promotion and Other Drug Services.

Kutztown University continues to support the recovery community. Alcohol Anonymous meetings occurs on campus on Tuesdays 8-9 p.m. in McFarland Student Building room 323 during school sessions.  For more information on Alcohol Anonymous in the area visit the local AA website. For more information on Narcotics Anonymous in the area visit the local NA website.

In April 2014, concerned citizens of all ages and backgrounds, living in Kutztown and surrounding areas pulled together to form Kutztown Strong that continues to grow. Members of this organization are committed in making a difference. They want to help, prevent, and educate the community on substance use and substance abuse disorders. The group also provides information to the community on resources available for the Kutztown area community. The President's Roundtable participates as a stakeholder.