Graduate Student Employee Opportunities

Position Summary

The Residence Life Office offers two live-on Graduate Student Employee (GSE) positions: Graduate Resident Directors and a Graduate Retention Program Coordinator. Both positions work to help ensure student success and the smooth operation of the residence life program. The Resident Director (RD) position oversees the daily operations of a residence hall or apartment complex, while the Retention Program Coordinator (RPC) manages the day to day operations of the First Year Residential Experience Program. Both positions are directly supervised by an Assistant Director of Residence Life. Resident Directors are responsible for the direct supervision of 20+ student staff members in a variety of positions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Graduate Student Employees have pets?

    GSEs are permitted to have fish (no more than a 10 gallon tank) and a cat.

  • What is the remuneration for the Graduate Student Employee position?
    • A stipend of $11,000 stipend ($12,000 in their second year, $13,000 in their third year)
    • Full tuition waiver for Fall and Spring semester classes (fees are the responsibility of the GSE)
    • Meal plan granting unlimited dining, 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week, while classes are in session
    • A furnished apartment and utilities including water, heat, electricity, basic local phone service, laundry, and basic digital cable service are provided at no additional cost. All apartments are air-conditioned.
    • Parking permit
    • Access to the Student Recreation Center
  • Are there opportunities to work over the summer in the Residence Life Office?

    There are limited opportunities to work for the Residence Life Office over the summer, assisting with a variety of tasks in order to prepare for the upcoming year. There are also opportunities with different offices/departments across campus.

  • Describe the relationship between the Graduate Student Employees and the Assistant Directors.

    The relationship between a Graduate Student Employee and an Assistant Director for Residence Life is an important one. The GSE will have to opportunity to learn from a professional with a Master's degree in student affairs and higher education or related field. GSEs work, with the supervision and guidance of their AD, to support their students, supervise their staff, and manage their buildings/programs. ADs help the GSEs gain a multitude of experiences needed in order to excel in a full-time position in residence life and to make connections between the GSEs' academic coursework and their positions. While the GSE is in charge of running their residence hall/apartment complex/programs and services, their assigned AD is available throughout the day and in crisis situations to provide support and direction for the GSE.

  • What professional development opportunities are provided to Graduate Student Employees?

    The Residence Life Office provides GSEs with a number of professional development opportunities. Such opportunities include continued training through weekly staff meetings, bringing presenters to campus to offer the department training, participation in division/campus-wide trainings and webinars, as well as support to attend professional conferences when possible.

  • Describe programming in the residence halls.

    Residence Life at Kutztown uses a Programming Model that is intentional in guiding the educational, social, and developmental programs that are provided within the residence halls. The goal is to offer students the opportunities to connect with fellow members of the community, to provide a variety of campus resources, and to assist residents with the many transitions ahead of them. We strive to prepare residents to be successful as a student at KU, personally, socially, and academically. The focus of our programming reflects our mission, vision, and core values. The semester is broken into four programming periods. Community Assistants work with their Graduate Student Employee to ensure the completion of their specific programming requirements.

  • What conduct issues do Graduate Student Employees hear? Can you describe the general conduct philosophy?

    The mission of the student conduct program is to develop students and support the campus community through the application of a fair and equitable student conduct process for addressing violations of the Student Code of Conduct. Graduate Student Employees provide an educational discipline process for first time violators of lower level Housing and University policies.

Application Information

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania Housing and Residence Life program offers graduate employment positions. The Graduate Resident Director and Graduate Retention Program Coordinator positions are both leadership roles that offer strong student contact and experiences that provide a foundation in the housing and residence life profession.

To be considered for a Graduate Student Employee position when one is open:

  1. You must have a completed application submitted to the Graduate Admissions Office at KU.
  2. You may apply for any graduate program you are interested in. We do not associate our graduate positions with any one specific program.
  3. Complete the application (RD or RPC). Submit the completed application, cover letter, resume and reference contact information (3 professional references) to
  4. If you have any questions about graduate employment positions please email the Director of Residence Life, Desiree Reasoner (

Current Openings

None to list at this time