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Decoration Policy

Decorating your room, suite or apartment is a personal preference and can have an impact on your living experience while at Kutztown University.  Please keep in mind how decorations can affect you, your roommate, guests and other members of the community you live in.  The following are topics you must keep in mind as you begin to decorate your space.

  1. Student will be responsible for any damages to walls, ceilings, doors and floors due to decorations and/or any other products.  Please be very careful if you attach and/or use anything in these areas of your room, suite or apartment.
  2. Students are not permitted to paint student rooms, including all apartments. If there is any problem with the walls or ceilings, please contact your Resident Director.
  3. The placing of stickers or stars on walls, ceilings, or furnishings is prohibited.
  4. The possession or use of metal-tip darts and dartboards in the residence halls and apartments is prohibited. Velcro, magnetic, and suction-cup style darts are permitted.
  5. No items may be attached to, or hung from the ceiling, including light fixtures, or in any corridor or walkway area.
  6. Student room door decorations are limited to a single dry erase board, and the door name tags which the Residence Life and Housing & Dining Services staff provides. The room number must be visible. At no time may any item on a student room door extend into the corridor.
  7. Decorations may not be hung from door to door, over the lights, or across the corridor or walkway areas.
  8. No lights, including string lights or other electrical apparatus may be used to decorate in corridor or walkway areas, including student room doors or windows.
  9. Rope Lights are permitted decorative lights for student use in rooms, suites or apartments.  Rope Lights are limited to the walls and furniture and may not be hung from the ceiling, windows or door.  Rope Lights must have the UL seal of approval attached to the light.
  10. Students who wish to decorate windows or mirrors should use only water-soluble paint. Add liquid soap to wet paint when applying to ease paint removal. It is the responsibility of anyone who decorates the windows and/or mirrors to remove the paint at the conclusion of the event or prior to checkout whichever is earlier.
  11. University installed light fixtures may only have university-issued bulbs. Students living in apartments, however, will need to provide their own light bulbs (60 watt or less CFL light bulbs). The use of halogen light bulbs in the residence halls and apartments is strictly prohibited.  Lamps, other than those provided by the university, may only use 60 watt (or less) CFL light bulbs.
  12. Standing or hanging any kind of object or container outside of the window sill is prohibited.
  13. Do not hang anything from or cover the sprinkler heads.
  14. Residents will be responsible for any damages to their room, suite or apartment and will be billed accordingly.
  15. The use of open flames and reed diffusers are prohibited in the residence halls, suites, or apartments. Candles (in any form) or burning incense is prohibited.
  16. The standing or arranging of furniture in a manner unintended of its purpose and use is prohibited. Furniture may not be arranged in such a manner that it creates an obstruction in front of the door or window.
  17. Furniture may not be removed from any designated room, suite or apartment. Furniture must remain on the floor in upright position.
  18. Live trees, boughs, and corn stalks are not permitted in any residence hall, suite, or apartment at any time.
  19. There may be special circumstances (e.g. wing/hall decoration contests) for which these rules may be modified by the university. These particular situations, approved at least one week in advance, will be under the supervision of the Resident Director and the Residence Life Office.
  20. The use of alcohol bottles or cans for decorative purposes is prohibited in the residence halls, suites, and apartments.

Updated: 6/2017/MGM