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First Year Residential Experience (FYRE)

Our unique First Year Residential Experience program or F.Y.R.E. serves our on campus first year student population.  Established in the Fall 2007, it was designed to assist new students and families transition from high school to college.  Adjusting to college life often means dealing with many things for the first time - all at the same time: learning to live with roommates, handling finances, taking care of household chores, interacting with people from other cultures with other beliefs, trying out romantic partnerships. This, in addition to new academic demands, learning how to study effectively, getting work done on time, and navigating the bureaucracy of a big institution.  

The purpose of this program is to:

•  Help first year students feel prepared academically, socially, and personally

•  Teach first year students about Kutztown and its culture

•  Provide academic guidance and information

•  Educate and inform first year students about the campus and its resources

•  Assist first year students with their new found independence

•  Help first year students make new friendships and connections

•  Promote and encourage first year students to stay on weekends

•  Encourage and provide opportunities for first-year students to get involved

•  Teach first year students life skills

•  Provide first year students with opportunities and helping them take advantage of them


Components of F.Y.R.E. include:

Whether you are a new student just out of high school, transferring from another college or university, or coming back to school after some time away, we are dedicated to helping you stay, succeed, learn, grow, and graduate.

For more information, please contact the Residence Life Office.

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