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Apply For On-Campus Housing

Important Message


 Below is the MyKUHousing link. Please read all of these instructions first before clicking on this link. 

1. To begin, using either Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome, please type in the following web address, and press "ENTER."  Once the login screen opens, enter your Network ID and Password, and then login.  When entering the Network ID please do not type the portion.

For new incoming students this information can be found in your Admissions letter. 

For returning students this is the Network ID you use to login to on-campus computers.

2. At the top of your screen click on the down arrow next to the Application tab to see applications available.  Select the Housing Fall Application and click "NEXT".

3. The Housing License will come up on the screen.  Read through the Housing License Agreement.  If you wish to accept this agree and continue to the payment vendor page please complete your electronic signature and then click "NEXT".

4. You will then be taken to the Personal Preferences page.  Please select your personal preferences by answering the questions in this section. These questions are used to assist the housing office in assigning you with a roommate and may be used in backfilling vacancies that may occur in your room, suite or apartment in the future.

FOR NEW INCOMING FRESHMEN AND TRANSFERS entering for Spring 2018 or for the Fall 2018/Spring 2019 academic year- your housing fee is included in the Advanced Registration Deposit.  Once you have completed the preferences click continue. Complete the preference questions,  click "CONTINUE".   You are done!

For Returning Students, you must complete the $75 online payment following the information below.

5. The payment vendor page will ask you to select either an e-check payment or a credit card payment.  

  • Complete your payment information thoroughly.  Please be sure that the numbers you are entering are correct, and in the correct field, otherwise, your payment will not go through properly. 
  • If you are using the E-Check option (ACH debit from checking or savings account) and you do not put the appropriate numbers in the appropriate fields, your payment will be returned or refused by your bank.  This will result in a Returned Deposited Item fee of $25.00 being assessed.  There is no processing fee for this payment method if processed successfully.
  • If you are using the Credit Card option please note the following accepted credit cards: Mastercard, Discover, Visa and American Express.  PLEASE NOTE: There is a non-refundable 2.75% processing fee assessed and retained by the credit card processor.  This will show as two transactions so be sure you have enough credit or funds available to cover both the $75 and the credit card fee ($77.07)

6. When you have finished entering all of your information, click 'Continue Checkout'.  

7. A confirmation page will appear for you to review and then click 'Submit Payment'.  You MUST click on the 'Submit Payment' in order to successfully complete this process!

8. After SUBMITING your payment you will receive a thank you page and receipt. PLEASE PRINT THIS PAGE FOR YOUR RECORDS! 

Click here to view our tutorial on YouTube!


Updated: 11/2016/AMC