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Same Gender Group Roommate/Room Selection


Please note that you will receive an online appointment selection start time on February 24-25 for your group based on total COMPLETED credits of the group and GPA.  

Selection of assignment takes place from February 27 - March 3 (based on your group appointment start time).  You cannot select before your "group appointment start time".

You do not have to have a roommate or suitemate(s) to select an assignment during phase 2 UNLESS you want to be in the same room, suite or apartment with particular students.

If you want live with particular students, You MUST Request and Confirm your "eligible" roommates/suites ONLINE following the steps below.   

1.      Login to Mykuhousing 

2.      Click down arrow next to Room Selection at top of screen

3.      Select "Roommates/Suitemates" tab

4.      Select term Fall 2017 and click submit

5.      Accept (green box)/decline (red box) your pending roommate request if you have any.

a.       You can also send a message to pending requests by clicking on blue box


b.      View their profile if there is one (yellow box)

6.      If you don't have any roommate requests pending, you can add a Roommate/suitemate under "Simple Roommate Search" by entering last name.  Everyone with that last name will populate, and you can select the correct student from the list by clicking on name, then click continue.

7.      You must Enter all the members of your group.  They, in turn, MUST accept your request.  Every member of your group MUST have all the same matched group members.  If you request a roommate/suitemate and then decide you don't want them in your group you MUST decline them (using the red box under the roommate/suitemate section).  All the other group members must do the same, or your group will not be the same for everyone in your desired group!  For the best possible success in achieving what you want, each of your group members must participate with the SAME group members in requesting and confirming one another.

a.      The Fall 2017 Roommate screen will tell you which roommates you have requested and confirmed, and if you have some roommates that have not yet confirmed your request.  You can click on the blue box to send them a reminder to confirm!  This is you and your requested roommates/suitemates responsibility to complete, the Housing Office will not be able to do this for you.

8.      Your matched group # will determine what you will see during this room selection process.   Any rooms, suites or apartments that were not selected during phase 1 of same gender group room selection will be available.  You will not be required to completely fill the room, suite or apartment.  

       a.  This mean if, for example, you have a matched group of 3 you will be able to select into any room, suite or apartment that has at least 3 available beds at your selection time.  If you do not have any matched roommates you will be selecting into any available space without a group.  The remainder of the room, suite or apartment will be filled by the next student or group of students participating in this process.

9.  Students that do not select during this timeframe will be assigned by the housing office March 15 -17.

How to select an assignment once you have a room selection start time