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Room Verification Form

Upon moving into a hall, at the beginning of the semester or mid-year as part of a room change/swap, students are presented the opportunity to complete a Room Verification Form. This form asks students to check the condition of their space and note anything that might be damaged or missing. Students are expected to complete the form on their MyKUHousing self services tab within 72 hours of moving in. Failure to complete a Room Verification Form results in the student accepting the condition of the room as is, and be held accountable for any damages present in the room when they check out.

To complete this form, students should follow the following procedure:

  1. Log Into MyKUHousing Account
  2. Go To Applications Tab
  3. Select Room Verification Form
  4. Read and sign the agreement, hit continue. 
  5. Answer the questions regarding the condition of your room, hit continue. If you have exceptions to the condition of your room, please be as detailed as possible. You can upload up to three pictures of the exceptions. 

Updated: 8.28.18 ALF