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Science Living Community

Physical Sciences LLC

Residence Hall: Schuylkill Hall

The Physical Science Living Learning Community is designed to assist first year students and help them successfully transition into their scientific course of study beginning with a move-in day program for first year students and their families. In addition to the opportunity to live with their fellow physical science majors, the physical science faculty will provide informal programming on topics such as: time management, advisement, study and test taking skills. These programs will assist students with acclimating freshmen to college academic life. This community is also open to upper upperclassmen. Incoming freshman can benefit from developing a connection with upper-class students in their majors who can help provide peer support through the challenges of their first year.  For more information about this living opportunity, please contact the Physical Science Department.

First Year Physical Science majors living on campus will be assigned to live in the Science Living Community.

These majors include:

  • BS Biochemistry
  • BS Chemistry
  • BS Environmental Science/Biology
  • BS Environmental Science/Chemistry
  • BS Environmental Science/Geography
  • BS Environmental Science/Geology
  • BS Geology BS Marine Science/Biology
  • BS Marine Science/Oceanography
  • BS Physics BS Physics/Astronomy
  • BS Physics/Physics Engineering
  • BS Secondary Education/Chemistry
  • BS Secondary Education/Earth Space Science
  • BS Secondary Education/Physics
  • BS Secondary Education/Physics and Math

Application Information and Application:

  • Please click here to visit the Living Learning Community and Special Interest Groups homepage.   
  • Please click here to visit the Living Learning Community and Special Interest Group Application Information homepage.

For more information about living on campus, please contact the Residence Life and Housing & Dining Services Office

Updated: 4/22/17/MGM