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Residence Life Ignite Your Inner Golden Bear

Welcome to Residence Life

Greetings Golden Bears! We are so excited that you have decided to be part of the residence hall community.  Life within halls is full of so many great opportunities to get involved, have a voice, and make a difference on our campus.  By choosing to live on campus, you have opened the door to endless possibilities for your own personal growth and development.

The Residence Life Staff is committed to creating an environment that is not only welcoming and inclusive but also engaging and fun.   Through the programs and activities provided within your hall, you will get to meet people and form new friendships, gain a better understanding not only of yourself but also those around you, as well as develop a sense of community and belonging.  It is our hope that your residence hall will quickly become your home away from home.

The residence hall environment serves as a gateway to involvement opportunities as well as a catalyst for igniting Kutztown University Pride. As a resident student, you will become exposed to KU traditions and learn what it truly means to be a Golden Bear. Please check out our web pages and our video to learn more and find out more about these great opportunities. Your residence hall experience will be what you make of it.  It is my hope that you will be an active agent within your residence hall community and allow us to help you Ignite Your Inner Golden Bear.

Desiree Reasoner
Director of Residence Life
106 Old Main
Kutztown University