The Department of Human Resources

Management Employee Evaluation Rating Scale

The overall employee evaluation rating scale described below applies to Management employees

  • Significantly Exceeds Standards
    • Performance consistently exceeds standards in all areas and far exceeds normal expectations.
  • Exceeds Standards
    • Performance consistently exceeds standards in a majority of areas and exceeds normal expectations.
  • Meets Standards
    • Performance consistently meets standards in all areas and meets normal expectations.
  • Needs Improvement
    • Performance meets standards in some areas, but is below standards in others and falls short of meeting normal expectations.
  • Unsatisfactory
    • Performance is below standards in most areas and fails to meet expectations. Substantial improvement is required.

Factors impacting employee performance rating

There are two components of the Employee Performance Rating:

  • Measurable results
    • Major work products
    • Major work goals
    • University strategic goal
  • Behavioral qualities
    • Supports the University's mission, vision, and values
    • Leadership
    • Work ethic
    • Management practices
    • Relation and communication skills
    • Job knowledge