Zoom is an online meeting platform that enables you to communicate with students and colleagues in real time.

Quick Tips

The following are tips to help you continue to securely host your Zoom meetings. 

  1. Prevent attendees from joining the meeting before you do, thereby minimizing interactions that you do not want as part of your meeting.
  2. Create your meetings with attendee audio and video muted. This will require attendees to manually turn on their audio and video feeds. Later, you can control audio and video during a meeting by muting audio or disabling video for an individual or group.
  3. Consider enabling the Waiting Room. Although you will have to manually admit each attendee to the meeting it stops your guests from joining until you’re ready for them, and allows you to only admit those whose names you recognize. Not recommended for large classes.
  4. Make sure you require authentication to be able to access a meeting, and share your meeting links through D2L. Links shared with required authentication will require that attendees sign-in with their KU credentials. This will prevent non-KU users from gaining access.

Zoom Meeting Space

To access Kutztown's Zoom meeting space, please login using the following link.


Have questions or want to learn more?

For more information regarding using Zoom and recommended settings, please visit the Learning Technology Solutions Center.

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