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FAQ's for Students


  • Configuring your Office 365 email on your mobile device.

When your are setting up your email account on a mobile device, choose the option for Exchange.  Server: and Domain:

  • How to forward email to another email account from Office 365.

If you want all your email from your Office 365 emails to get a copy sent to another account log into your Office 365 account.  Click on the Cog Wheel
at the top right of the page next to your name.  Choose Options/Forwarding or search for Forwarding.  Put in the email address you want the copy sent to and make sure
to check the box Keep a copy of forwarded message.  Click the radio button to Start forwarding then Save. 

  • Not getting any emails in Office 365.

If you are not getting any emails in your live account, go into Options/Forwarding or search for Forwarding to make sure if Forwarding is on that you have the box checked to keep a copy of forwarded messages.  Sometimes if your account is compromised they will put an email address into your forwarding and not keep a copy in your account.

  • Installing Microsoft Office through Office 365.

Instructions to download Microsoft Office  in Office 365 email


Registration Instructions


  • I cannot log into myHousing.

Make sure you are just using your User Name and not your full email address.


  • The system says the your "User Name and/or Password are invalid."

Make sure your password is current, has it been 180 days since the last password reset? Your User Name will always remain the same.

  • It will not take my new password when I enter it to reset.

Make sure your new password meets the requirements for a strong password and it does not contain any part of your name. **Tips for strong passwords are on our home page**

What happens to my Kutztown University files and account when I leave KU

Your email is yours to keep.  Your files that you have stored on university servers will be removed within months after you leave KU.  Therefore, if you wish to retain these files, before you leave KU, please move them to another device or location.


  • My laptop/pc/Mac are not working properly.

Students should take their device to the ResNet Helpdesk located in Johnson Hall.

Student File Access from Off-Campus

Our suggestion for students to access files from off campus are to download a package that supports FTP, FTPS and SFTP such as
Then type in a browser  Log in with username:  students\username (jsmit555) and your current password.

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