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FAQ's for Students




  • I cannot log into myHousing.
    Make sure you are just using your User Name and not your full email address.



  • The system says the your "User Name and/or Password are invalid."
    Make sure your password is current, has it been 180 days since the last password reset? Your User Name will always remain the same.

  • It will not take my new password when I enter it to reset.
    Make sure your new password meets the requirements for a strong password and it does not contain any part of your name. **Tips for strong passwords are on our home page**

What happens to my Kutztown University files and account when I leave KU


  • My laptop/pc/Mac are not working properly.
    Students should take their device to the ResNet Helpdesk located in Johnson Hall.

Kutztown University Wi-Fi Access

  • How to access the Wi-Fi on campus,  Kutztown University Wi-Fi  (**please note the Campus Wi-Fi locations can be found through a link on our Home Page**)

Student File Access from Off-Campus

Computer Science Software Links