Accounts / Passwords

  • Password Self Service - Students

    The Student Password Self Service allows for:

    Password Reset: Log in to reset your password
    First time account setup: Click New Applicant Account Setup
    Reset your password if you forgot it: Click Forgot Password

    Note: When setting up your account for the first time or if you forgot your password, you will be asked for the following information: User ID, Student ID, Name, Birthdate, and PIN (you can email this to yourself if you do not know it)

    Password Self Service

  • Password Self Service - Faculty/Staff

    To use the password self service, please first Enroll in the service to set up your security questions. Once completed, you can use the Change Password link to reset your password. If you forget your password, you can use the Forgot Password link, answer your security questions and then reset your password.

    Enroll in Self Service

    Change Password

    Forgot Password

  • Password Invalid

    The system says the your "User Name and/or Password are invalid."
    Make sure your password is current, has it been 180 days since the last password reset? Your User Name will always remain the same.
    It will not take my new password when I enter it to reset.
    Make sure your new password meets the requirements for a strong password and it does not contain any part of your name.

  • How do I get a KU username and password?

    All students receive their unique KU username and password (and email address) shortly after applying to the university. This information is mailed to the student's home address.

    The KU username/password combination is used to access all systems: MyKU, email, campus wired and Wi-Fi networks, Desire2Learn, student payroll, lab computers, etc.