Network Access

  • Is Wi-Fi available in the residence halls?

    Yes. There are more than 1,000 access points providing Wi-Fi access throughout all residential buildings.

    The BearNet Secure Wi-Fi network is available in residential and non-residential buildings and offers a fully-encrypted connection. We strongly recommend that students use BearNet Secure on laptops, desktop computers, mobile phones,  and tablets.

    The ResNet WiFi open network is available only in residential buildings and should be used for smart TVs, game consoles, and any other device unable to connect to BearNet Secure.

  • My device can't use Wi-Fi. Can I have a wired connection to the Internet?

    Yes. Students who have a Wi-Fi access point in their room can connect a wired device directly to the access point.

    Student rooms that don't have a Wi-Fi access point are equipped with wired network jacks (one per resident).

    Students need to provide their own Ethernet cable. Ethernet cables can be purchased from the ResNet helpdesk. ($5 for 10ft cable; $10 for 25ft cable)