• Setting up a Network Printer on an Office PC and Mac

    To configure network printers open any internet browser and type to install Printer Logic. Install the plug-in and it should populate a list of all the network printers you have access to. Find the printer you want and click on it and install.

    Please note** Mac: Most recommended browsers are Chrome and Firefox. Once installed, you may have to restart browser (not just open a new window or refresh) to activate. Also have to click "Trust" if prompted when opening up webpage for first time.

  • Do I need a printer?

    It is convenient to have a printer in your residence hall room, but it's not a necessity unless you plan to do a lot of printing. There are public printers available around campus.

    If you do bring your own printer, please plan to connect it directly to your computer with a standard USB printer cable. Although your printer may support Wi-Fi printing in your home, it's most likely not designed to work on a large, enterprise Wi-Fi network like we have on campus. 

  • Must I pay for printing?

    Not currently. Students are given a printing allocation of 300 pages per semester. If you happen to use up your allotment, you can request additional pages at no cost.