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MyKU Information for Staff

Click on the tutorial name below to view a PDF help guide.


Clearing Cache and Pop-up Config (PDF)

Quick Enrollment Search (PDF)

View a Class Roster (PDF)

View a Student's Bio/Demo Data (PDF)

View a Student's Course History (PDF)

View a Student's Grades (PDF)

View a Student's Schedule (PDF)

Viewing Detailed Academic Data (PDF)

Viewing Student Admissions Information (PDF)

Viewing Student Service Indicators and Holds (PDF)

Run Controls (PDF) (video)

Settings for Downloading Data in MyKU (PDF)

How To

Enrolling a Student Using Quick Enroll (PDF)

Entering Athletic Participation Information (PDF)

Generate Transcripts in Batch (PDF) (video)

Manually Matriculate an Application (PDF)

Student Degree Audits

Student Degree Audit (Student Center) (PDF) (video)

Student Degree Audit (Advisement Report) (PDF) (video)

Obtain Transcripts for any Student (PDF)


Detailed Advising Center (video)

Faculty Office Hours (video)

Viewing a Student's Advisor (PDF)

What If Audit Report

Projected Majors (video)

Split Majors (video)

"What If" Course (video)

Second Degrees and Continuing Degrees (video)