2 Step Authentication for Students

As part of the university’s security strategy, 2 Step Authentication will be required for all students when accessing Office 365, including email. To enable 2 Step Authentication on your KU account, begin by enrolling a device. The instructions below show how to enroll a smartphone with the Microsoft Authenticator App—the recommended method.

Make sure you have a reliable Internet connection, a desktop or laptop and your mobile phone on hand before you start the process.

Step 1

On a desktop or laptop, click here and follow the instructions until you come to Kutztown's Single Sign On page.

Step 2

When prompted, login with your KU user ID and password.

Step 3

In the 'How should we contact you?' section, choose Mobile Apfrom the drop down menu.

Step 4

Select 'Receive notifications for verification'.

Step 5 

Select the Set Up button and follow the steps to download and set up the mobile app.  Select 'Next'.

Step 6

On the additional security verification screen, click Next.  An approval push notification will be sent through the app to complete the process.

Step 7

Enter your 10 digit mobile phone number as your additional security verification.

Step 8

Click 'Done' to complete the registration process.  

Step 9

On the summary page, verify the security information.  You can safely close this window.