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Program Data

Links on this page require Kutztown University credentials, and you will need to be on campus or connected via VPN

Student Enrollment - Annualized FTEs (Source: Semester Freeze Files)
  Report (PDF)
Program Cost/FTEs:
  This field is calculated by dividing the Program Budget/Cost for a given academic year by the Student Enrollment - Annualized FTEs (above) for the same academic year.
Faculty FTEs (Source: Fall Freeze)
  Report (PDF)
Admissions - Fall Applied, Admitted, Deposited by Major (Source: Fall UG Admissions)
Report (PDF) - Freshmen
Report (PDF) - Transfers
Majors Enrolled - Fall Headcount (Source: Fall Freeze)
  Report (PDF) - 1st Major
  Report (PDF) - All Majors
Report (PDF) - First-time Full-time Freshmen (FTFTF)
Minors Enrolled - Fall Headcount (Source: Fall Freeze)
Report (PDF) - All Minors
Program Graduates (Source: Completions/KU Database)
  Report (PDF)
Credit Hours (Source: Semester Freeze Files)
  Report by prefix (PDF)
  Report by department (PDF)
Performance Funding (PDF of PowerPoint Presentation)