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Study Abroad

KU student Ashleigh Ambler skydiving in South Africa

Pictured: KU Student Ashleigh Ambler won the KU Study Abroad photo contest for this awesome shot from her study abroad program in South Africa in summer 2017.

Dig deep. Find your inner explorer. This is the time. Grow not into someone new, but into yourself. Golden Bears learn everywhere. Take advantage of study abroad opportunities and see the world now, while you are a student.

Attend a study abroad information session. Find the study abroad program of your dreams. Apply. Go.

Already started an application? Return to the Study Abroad application website to continue working on your application.

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Types of Study Abroad Programs

There are many types of study abroad programs. Read on for a brief description of each type of program.

Short-Term - Program offered during summer or winter break; usually not accompanied by a professor. Fees paid to program provider. View Short-Term programs

Faculty-Led - Can be offered by KU faculty or faculty from another college/university. Professor accompanies students during a study abroad program, usually during winter or summer breaks. Courses can be local university course (ie. KU course) or a course offered by host university abroad. Often a small group that meets before the program and travels together for the duration of the program. Fees are usually paid to U.S. college/university offering the course. View KU Faculty-Led programs.

Exchange - Typically a semester or full year study abroad program at a partner university for students in specific majors. Student pays KU tuition and fees to KU, but pays room, meals, and personal expenses at host study site. View KU Exchange programs.

U.S. Institution Sponsored - Study abroad program run by a U.S. college/university (ie. Temple or CCIS programs). Credit and/or transcript may be issued by U.S. university or university abroad. Fees are usually paid to university that is running the study abroad program. Remember to check out programs offered by other PA State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) universities or the PASSHE Germany consortiumView programs.

Third-Party - There are many third-party study abroad providers who have study sites or work with universities abroad to offer study abroad programs all around the world. KU is currently affiliated with International Studies Abroad (ISA). These programs are very highly supported with many services, such as housing, 24/7 support in host country, excursions, cell phones, and more. Typically, these programs have one cost for all participants that is paid to the provider. KU students receive a $200 discount off of the price of any ISA program.

Direct Enroll - Enroll directly in a university abroad and take classes with local students. This is an very independent experience, as KU would not have a contract, contacts, or in-depth knowledge of the host university. All tuition, fees, and other expenses are paid to host study site.