Other Forms and Information

  • SEVIS Transfer

    If you need to transfer from KU to another U.S. college or university, your SEVIS record must also be transferred to the new institution. You must present an acceptance letter from the school to which you are planning to transfer and any forms required by that school for the Responsible Officer to transfer your SEVIS record.

    We hope this information is helpful to you to maintain your student visa status. Please let us know if you have questions about anything at any time and we will be happy to assist you!

  • Driver's Licenses

    If you want to drive a motor vehicle while studying in the U.S., you will either need to have an international driver's license, which is obtained in your home country, or a Pennsylvania State Driver's license. The international driver's license is usually only valid for one year.

    The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) oversees the issuing and maintenance of driver's licenses in Pennsylvania. You will need to take a written exam for the learner's permit and then a road skills test in a car with a PennDOT employee to get a driver's license.  You must be at least 16 years old and residing/studying in the U.S. and Pennsylvania state for at least one year to apply for a learner's permit.

    Eligibility requirements:

    • One-year presence in the U.S. remaining
    • 16 years of age or older
    • Physical Examination within 6 months of application (Doctor or provider must complete section on application - PennDOT Form 180)

    To obtain a driver's license, you will need the following:

    • PennDOT Form 180
    • A physical exam
    • Status verification letter from the RO
    • Passport
    • I-94
    • Visa
    • Social Security number (ITIN) or Social Security rejection letter
    • DS-2019
    • 2 proofs of Pennsylvania residency

    Driver’s License Application Process:

    • Gather all documents listed above.
    • First, you will have to get a learner’s permit to practice driving in the U.S.
      • You must apply in person for the Learner’s Permit.
      • You will be required to take a written test to get it.
      • Study the Pennsylvania Driver’s Manual before you take the Permit test.
      • There is no appointment required to take the Learner’s Permit test.
    • Next, you will take a Road Skills test to get the license.
      • You must make an appointment for this test.
      • You may not drive yourself to the Driver’s License Center to take this test unless you have a licensed driver in the car with you.
      • You must provide a vehicle for this test; it is okay to take the test in someone else’s vehicle.
      • You must show valid registration and insurance as well as the accompanying driver’s unexpired license.

    Local Driver’s License Centers

    Lehigh Valley Driver Center

    1710 Hoover Avenue
    Allentown, PA 18109

    Reading PennDOT Photo & Exam Center

    530 East Lancaster Avenue
    Shillington, PA 19607

    More information is online at www.dmv.pa.gov.

  • Dependents and Family Members

    You must notify the RO if you plan to have any of your dependents accompany you in J-2 status and provide biographical information (e.g. full name, address, country of birth, etc.) and immigration information (e.g. passport information, visa information, etc.) for each one. For traveling and re-entering the U.S., J-2 dependents need all the same documents as the J-1 student. Contact the Responsible Officer for more information. Here are some important facts about dependents:

    J-2 Dependents

    • Maintain separate Form DS-2019; Duration of Status (D/S) is the same as the primary J-1 student
    • May travel abroad and re-enter without the primary; must obtain travel signature from the RO
    • Must have health insurance
    • May be employed within the U.S.
    • May enroll in courses or a degree program, part-time or full-time
  • Travel

    For travel outside of the U.S., you will need valid travel documents with current signatures. Travel within the U.S. does not require these items.

    Remember - you will need a valid visa to re-enter the U.S. If your visa is expired or will expire while you're out of the country but you have maintained good J-1 student status, review the information in the visa section to learn how to renew your visa.

    For travel to Mexico, Canada, or the Caribbean, except Cuba, your visa will be automatically revalidated when you travel to any of these destinations for less than 30 days and return to the U.S. Automatic visa revalidation does not apply to citizens of Cuba, Sudan, Iran, & Syria. If you traveled to the U.S. before the I-94 card was automated and you have an expired or single-entry visa, do not surrender the paper I-94 card when traveling to these locations. It will serve as a substitute for your expired visa.

    Required travel documents:

    • Passport valid for at least six months into the future
    • Visa, valid for multiple entries and not expired
    • Form DS-2019 signed by Responsible Officer within six months of return date

    It is also recommended that you travel with the following documents:

    • Evidence of financial support
    • KU transcript and current course schedule
    • All previously issued DS-2019 forms
  • Submit proof of Health Insurance

    International students at Kutztown University are required to carry adequate health insurance in the United States to be effective for all periods of time the student has been authorized to be in the United States by an immigration document issued by the University.

    Healthcare is expensive in the United States, and international students are responsible for any costs associated with their physical or mental health. Please note that most health insurance in the U.S. does not cover all medical benefits like prescriptions, dental, and vision.

    Health insurance policies must be purchased through a company that sells insurance in the United States. The insurance requirements set forth by the Department of State are as follows:

    • Medical Benefits of at least $100,000 per accident or illness
    • Repatriation of Remains in the amount of $25,000
    • Expenses associated with the medical evacuation of the exchange visitor to his or her home country in the amount of $50,000
    • A deductible not to exceed $500 per accident or illness

    If you are an exchange student holding a J-1 visa, you must purchase an insurance plan that meets these requirements.

    If you are a degree seeking student holding an F-1 visa, we strongly recommend you follow these requirements when purchasing your insurance.

    Companies to Consider:

    Important Note: The above plans are only recommendations. Kutztown University does not have an official affiliation with any insurance company and these websites are provided as a sample of options available to international students. Please be sure you are reading the Policy Details in full to understand each coverage option.

    Athletic Coverage

    International student athletes and students participating in intramural or club sports must have an insurance policy that covers athletics. Athletic coverage is not included in all plans and not all sports are covered under all plans, so be sure to choose a plan with the appropriate level of coverage for your particular sport.  NCAA athletes should check with the athletics department to be sure they have sufficient coverage.