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KUBIT Process

A key to the success of KUBIT is that all information involving concern about a student is reported to a central location, the Office of the Dean of Students, as outlined by the following process: 

  1. A student/person of concern is identified by a member of the campus community.
  2. The information is reported to one central location, that being the Office of the Dean of Students, via the Student Assistance Coordinator.
  3. The Chairperson will be alerted of the reported behavior.
  4. The Chairperson will either:

Complete a preliminary investigation and fact-finding and determine the need for intervention.  This may include a referral to a campus or community resource.  This action will then be reported to the Team at the following team meeting.


Immediately call the team together for a review of the facts and a determination of appropriate action.

  1. The team, or Chairperson without a full team meeting may:

Assign the case to a team member for action or information gathering.

Determine if additional campus resources are needed to address the concern.

Recommend immediate action if a health or safety risk exists.

  1. A comprehensive file of all data collected and action taken will be collected by the Student Assistance Coordinator, who processes the information and records team actions.  The files will be stored in locked files within the area of the Dean of Students.  
  1. A final report of all team intervention will be forwarded to the Provost and Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs.