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KUR is your news leader in northeastern Berks County. While the Reading, Allentown and Philadelphia stations only tend to focus on news in their immediate communities, KUR is always there 24-hours a day with fresh LOCAL news at the top of every hour. And for late breaking news, sometimes before we can even get it live on-the-air, follow the KUR Twitter feed.  

radio Services: Listen Live! Click here to stream KUR

How to listen to KUR

Use your TuneIn App and search for KUR

Any phone
Call (563)-999-3101.  Only charge is any data or voice charge through your service.  

Across campus at 1670 AM *

KU Information Channel (KUIC)
Listen on KU's television channel. Find out where KUIC can be found

Use the listen live link above

* KUR can also be heard in a handful of campus buildings at 88.3 FM.