Alternative Delivery Services

Courier Services Available

Our national and international courier is UPS. Mail Services tracks inbound and outbound courier mail by cost center and department name. We maintain incoming accountable tracking delivery records by individual's name, department, cost center, transaction date or airbill.


Complete address with telephone number is very important. Your return address must include a four digit department code.

Post Office box numbers or rural routes are unacceptable addresses for couriers. Only the U.S. Postal Service can deliver mail to Post Office boxes.

Envelopes, Packaging, and Courier Selection


The couriers supply Mail Services with envelopes and Courier Packs. We will make packaging selections for you since we stock all sizes and will use the lowest price envelope.

Delivery destination and time is needed. (65% of overnight mail doesn't need to be at the destination at a specific time.) Selection also depends on whether the destination is local area, state area, regional area, national or international.

At Kutztown University, we use UPS for overnight delivery. Our negotiated rates with UPS are substantially lower than other carriers. Assorted UPS packaging is available at the Mail Center. Our Mail Services personnel can assist you in preparing mail.

International Courier Selection

If facsimile service is not available or logical for your materials, you may elect to use one of our international couriers.

Note: International courier service requires special documentation or customs declarations.

Regardless of class of service, your department or cost center will be charged back for all costs.