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Art Galleries in the Student Union

GalleryAbout the Student Union Gallery:

Located in the Bear's Den Coffeehouse of the McFarland Student Union, the Student Union Art Gallery is a small, student-focused gallery that features a regular rotation of student and/or campus community shows. The Student Union Art Gallery was established as a way to showcase the talent of KU's student artists and to enhance the total coffeehouse experience. The art gallery provides an opportunity for student artists to showcase their work as well as assist in the process of putting on an exhibition of their own. Our goal is to give students insight and experience with showing artwork in galleries. Artists begin by applying, and if selected, receive a two-week exhibition with a catered opening reception. The Student Union Art Gallery welcomes artists working in any and all media.


Brass Rail GalleryAbout the Brass Rail Gallery:


Similar to the Student Union Art Gallery, The Brass Rail Exhibition Space also showcases student artworks on a bi-weekly basis. The space is located directly across from the Starbucks. The process of applying and showing on the Brass Rail is the same as the Gallery. However, this space is set up differently and has its own atmosphere. The Brass Rail is in a prime location for artwork to be viewed because it is in a high traffic area of the building.


About the Corner Gallery: 

The Corner Gallery

This niche style gallery opened during the spring 2013 semester. The Corner Gallery is designed to provide young artists with 3-5 pieces to showcase a few of their highest quality pieces of art. The goal is to encourage students to showcase their work and gain the input of fellow artists, students, faculty, staff, and guests to enable them to foster their love of art and enhance their skills. The corner gallery is a small niche adjacent to the picture window and seat that overlook the MSU parking area. The process of applying and showing student work is the same as the other galleries. Students are encouraged to submit their work and begin learning the processes of planning to submit to art exhibits.