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Displays & Banners

Display Case
Organizations, departments or committees wishing to reserve a display case must register with the  McFarland Student Union (room 274). Display cases may be reserved from 1 day to 4 consecutive weeks or one calendar month for the same event or program. Groups must set up and tear down displays in a timely fashion in order to allow the next group's reservation.

Campus-based organizations wishing to hang banners may register requests (banner request forms) with the McFarland Student Union (room 274) at least two days in advance of their requested posting date. Please note that banners cannot be displayed for more than two continuous weeks.

Designated Banner Locations

  • Main Interior Lobby
  • Bookstore/Stairwell Lobby  


Recognized student organizations or University departments are allowed one posting per event in the McFarland Student Union.

  • Postings must be handed into the Information Desk and stamped for approval and posting.
  • Postings may be displayed for no longer than four continuous weeks.
  • Organizations who do not submit postings at the Information Desk and/or are not stamped will have their literature removed.
  • Any exterior or outdoor postings adjacent to the McFarland Student Union must adhere to the KU's Outdoor Posting and Chalking Policy.
  • Off-campus organizations or activities may only be posted in designated areas.
  • No materials of any type may be posted on the walls, windows, doors or any other unauthorized portion of the McFarland Student Union without permission.
  • Unapproved materials will be removed and disposed.