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Advisory Board

Purpose and Role:

The McFarland Student Union (MSU) Advisory Board recommends and reviews issues related to policies, procedures, programming, and facility management to the Director of the Student Union, who in turn has decision-making authority regarding the use of the MSU.

The MSU Advisory Board was established by the University President as a means to provide student participation in the decision making and governance process for the Union. The Advisory Board, through the Director of the McFarland Student Union and the Office of the Vice President of Administration and Finance, recommends policies and procedures for consideration by the University President. Specifically, the University President charges the Advisory Board to: 

  • Advise the Director regarding the nature of programs, services, and activities; and allocation of physical space in the McFarland Student Union to ensure the needs of students, faculty, staff, and other stakeholder interests are served.
  • Assist the Director in an advisory capacity in reviewing, formulating, and recommending space allocation policies, procedures, and decisions relative to McFarland Student Union operations for approval to the President of the University.

The Advisory Board is comprised of representatives from the following organizations: Student Government Board, Association of Campus Events, Off Campus Advisory Board, Residence Hall Association, Greek Council, Office of Student Union and Involvement Services, Student Activities, New Student Programs, Conference Services, Physical Facilities, Administrative Services, Off Campus Student Life, and the Division of Student Services and Campus Life.

Download and print the McFarland Student Union Advisory Board Constituency Report (PDF).