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1.  Is Kutztown University a Military Friendly University?

Yes! KU is a nationally-recognized military friendly school, as named by G.I. Jobs Magazine and Military Advanced Education. KU offers our VA Education Benefits Specialist, Coordinator of student veteran services, the KU Veteran's Services Center on campus, transfer credit for military education and experience, specialized orientation for military-affiliated students, and honor cords for graduating veterans and service members.

2.  Will I receive credit for military experience and coursework?

Yes! Submit your official military/SMART transcripts to Office of the Registrar to have your military training/experience evaluated for possible academic credit. A.C.E. Military Guide Online - A.C.E. will help you determine what college credit you may already have earned via your military background.

3.  How do I get started using my VA Education Benefits at Kutztown?

Our VA Certifying Official, in the Registrar's Office, processes VA education benefits. Information and forms are available at the Registrar's Office or Veterans Services Center (McFarland Student Union, Room 262). Or contact us by phone at (610)-683-4228.

4.    Does Kutztown University offer military-specific orientation?

Yes! Veterans and other military-affiliated students are provided with targeted orientation by our Coordinator of Veterans Services. You may phone the Coordinator at (484) 646-4145 or email at

5.    What degrees does Kutztown University offer for veterans and service-members?

Often, veterans wishing to build upon military training and interests choose a major in criminal justice, health sciences, psychology, computer science, or communications. In all, Kutztown University offers degrees in more than 130+ programs to help you meet your goals. Click here to view our undergraduate programs.

6.    What is the deployment policy at Kutztown University?

Students who are deployed during the school year shall receive an"M" or "military" on their grade transcript for all classes they are unable to complete due to a military leave of absence. There is no academic or financial penalty for coursework that cannot be completed. For more general information about withdrawal and course reduction policies, please see Policies and Legislation.

7.    What additional support services are available to military-affiliated students at Kutztown University?

KU is committed to the success of its military-affiliated students. We offer a variety of free programming and resources for all military-affiliated students, including:

  •  Career/Employment Assistance
  • Academic/Career Workshops
  • Social Gatherings
  • Peer Mentorship Program
  • 'Got Your 6' Green Zone Advocates all over campus
  • Salute National Honor Society
  • VFW Annual Scholarships
  • Vet to Vet Chat Group
  • Vet to Vet Roommate Selection

8.    Is there a campus club for military-affiliated?

Absolutely! Look for details about our KU Military Club here, and check out their Facebook Page!

9.    I'm getting ready to separate from the military and want to attend Kutztown University. What should I do?

Apply to receive your Education Benefits, Apply to Kutztown University, Apply for the FASFA and PHEAA, and make an appt. to speak with the Coordinator of Veteran Services.

10.   How do I get the in-state tuition rate as a veteran?

All military veteran and current service members (who receive GI Bill benefits and reside in-state) will receive in-state tuition rates. If they currently reside out-of-state, they will still receive full coverage of tuition rates through The Yellow Ribbon program.

11.   How does the monthly housing allowance work?

Monthly housing allowance varies depending on the benefits you receive. If you receive the Chap. 33 Post 9-11 GI Bill, it will be paid out monthly, and directly to the service member, for the days of training conducted in the previous month. Tuition covered by GI Bill benefits is paid directly to the University, but the service member is responsible for paying any additional fees and housing, presumably out of the housing allowance they receive. If you are receiving benefits other than the Chap. 33 Post-9/11 GI Bill, talk to the Coordinator of Veterans Services for more information.

12.   What do I do if I've been called to active duty?

You will need follow the KU Military Leave of Absence Checklist to ensure you are filling out the appropriate paperwork and notifying the appropriate departments of your absence. You can contact Veterans
 with any additional questions during the process.