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Veterans Peer Sponsorship

The Veteran Peer Sponsorship Program assists incoming student-veterans to transition smoothly into Kutztown with the help of current student-veterans.

Sponsorship Tips for New Student-Veterans

Before you hear from your sponsor, you should make a list of questions that you would like to ask him/her. Your sponsor will be able to answer your questions directly or will help you contact the people who can. You should also arrange a time to meet with your sponsor face to face, either on or off campus. Additionally you can,

  • Take a campus tour with your sponsor, ask about key places such as The Stratton Administration Center, The Health and Wellness Center, The Recreation Center, McFarland Student Union, and Rohrbach Library. It's also not a bad idea to ask where to find your advisor's office.
  • Take advantage of your sponsor's knowledge of the University and the town.
  • Get involved on campus through a student organization such as the Military Club, intramural sports teams or other clubs of interest. 
  • Stay in contact with your sponsor, s/he can help you throughout the semester
  • Be patient. Sponsors are students too and may not have experienced the same situation you are facing. If you need additional information that your sponsor isn't able to help you with, contact the Veterans Services Office, 610-683-4228, for guidance.

Peer Sponsors

Peer sponsors are affiliated with the military just like you- either currently serving, in training or discharged. Our peer sponsors are professional, courteous, and knowledgeable about Kutztown's campus, services and clubs. They will provide you with quality service that is respectful to you and KU.

  • Peers sponsors care, and are available and dependable!
  • Sponsors will initiate first contact as soon as possible (usually within 48 hours of notification).
  • Sponsors will personalize your sponsorship experience based on your interests- a campus tour of key places, answer questions, and/or referrals to services that are important to you.


To participate in the sponsorship program, the incoming student-Veteran must submit a peer sponsorship application to the Veterans Services Center.  After the application is received, we will match you with another student-Veteran.