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Programs & Services

Alum facilitate a Ujima Workshop

Above: K.U. Alumni co-facilitate a workshop for the annual MCC Ujima Conference

The Multicultural Center supports and encourages students to fully participate in college life, and provides guidance and direction to help any student find resources, explore opportunities, and develop or enhance their academic and personal skills. We also provide resources and support to individuals, groups, and organizations seeking to develop multicultural-focused workshops and programs.

Any student or employee may participate and, when open to the public, the community in general may participate. The only exceptions are when space limitations restrict attendance; then, audience or target population is by invitation only to those whom the program or activity will impact the most.

The Center serves the institution, its populations, and the surrounding community in numerous ways including, but not limited to:

  • Providing and facilitating leadership development opportunities
  • Hosting programs, events, workshops and classes relative to multiculturalism and diversity
  • Planning and implementing student-focused programs
  • Offering Center space for diversity programs and special events
  • Serving as referral and liaison to various campus departments, organizations, and committees
  • Supporting diversity-centered projects, activities and programs via co-planning and/or co-funding
  • Serving as supplemental mentors and advisors to student organizations and groups
  • Serving the community via development/implementation of outreach programs to agencies and area schools
  • Disseminating information on scholarships and other opportunities for students
  • Developing and facilitating workshops and training in leadership, diversity, and multiculturalism                

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