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Cultural Celebrations

Nationally Recognized Heritage Months

Experience a diverse and varied array of performances and speakers during the nationally celebrated heritage months. Program highlights range from First Nation Hoop Dancers for Native American Month; Latino spoken word artists during Latino Heritage Month; student performances, speeches, and presentations during Black History Month; and Asian theatre and drumming during Asian Heritage Month.

The MCC also supports programs and activities recognizing other global cultures.

For more information, contact Rhonda Branford at

Dancing to a Different Beat

Experience culture by learning traditional dances from around the globe. Check in with the MCC to see for the next scheduled dance classes from Belly Dancing to Salsa and West African Dance.

For more information, contact Rhonda Branford at

In addition, the Center actively engages in co-sponsorship of campus wide activities with the intent to promote cultural education and competencies, collaborating several times a year with other departments and organizations on multicultural programming.