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Preparing For Kutztown

Student at work in Computer lab

Registering for New Student Orientation is just the first step in coming to campus. Complete the following tasks before you start at KU. Doing these before arriving will enhance your orientation experience.

1). Take the Placement Assessments - Take these now, do not delay!

A. Whether you are a first time freshmen or transfer student, KU wants to maximize your success by ensuring you are properly  placed in the right level of Math course. All students are required to take the Math Placement Assessment. Take this now and if help is offered to improve your score, take it.

The second assessment is only for those students who wish to continue to study a modern language (French, German, Spanish, etc.)

2). The Modern Language Assessment helps students determine their level of proficiency in a foreign language. Unlike the Math Placement, students should bring a copy of these results with them to their Orientation date. The Department of Modern Language Studies utilizes a web-based placement (CAPE) in French, German, and Spanish: The test can be accessed from any Internet-capable computer and takes about 20 minutes. It provides immediate feedback regarding the appropriate level of language placement. Students who place into level 012 or higher, and then complete the appropriate course at KU with a grade of C or better (on first attempt; repeated courses do not count), will receive credit for courses in the same language at the lower levels, up to a maximum of 9 additional credits.  Transfer credit does not count in this area.      Students who wish to schedule an appointment with an advisor from Modern Language Studies can call the department at 610-683-4427. HOW DO I TAKE THE EXAM?

2)Activate Your KU Email

After paying the $275 Advance Registration Deposit, students will receive an official KU student email account. Activate this account right away. Read your email daily! You must know your account information for orientation. (ex. and your password).You will use this to login to MyKU. Be prepared for orientation. Bring your cell phone and any questions you have. BearNet (the Wi-Fi service on campus) requires you to log in with your KU username and password.

3). Get Ready for Academic Advising

Before arriving to orientation, use MyKU to browse future course offerings and begin organizing your ideas for conversations with your advisor.Exploring the course options available to you before attending your orientation session will improve your advising experience at KU.

4). Finally...

Learn what you can do with your major. The Office of Career Development has great resources to assist you in finding the right career for you.