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About the Office of Assessment

There are several fundamental reasons for institutions of higher education to conduct assessment of its general education curriculum, program-specific student learning outcomes, and its overall effectiveness.

  • Broadly speaking, one reason centers on showing ourselves and others that we are achieving our mission, vision, and strategic goals.
  • The primary reason, however, is to use the assessment process to improve the work that we do with students and for our region, commonwealth, nation, and global community. Academic assessment gives faculty a body of evidence on which to base decisions designed to improve teaching and learning. This body of evidence documents how well students are performing relative to faculty-defined learning outcomes.
  • Finally, a related - and often overlooked - purpose of academic assessment is to promote a shared understanding of purpose among faculty, and between faculty and students, by clearly articulating objectives and expectations. Many faculty find that the most valuable part of assessment is in the initial formulation of learning outcomes, a formulation that, if properly conducted, necessitates searching examination by colleagues of their common enterprise as teachers and scholars in a particular discipline.

At Kutztown University, the Office of Assessment's role is to facilitate the collection, interpretation and use of evidence of institutional and program effectiveness that can assist all colleges, departments, programs, and divisions engaged in strategic planning and continuous improvement activities that are designed to positively impact the educational mission of the university.