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Assessment of traditional and technology-based methods across two sections of introductory statistics. PI: Greg Shelley, Department of Psychology.

Assessment of music in General Education. PIs: Willis Rapp & Valerie Trollinger, Department of Music.

Use of the curriculum map audit to improve the College of Education course alignment. PIs: Eloise Long & Phyllis Miller, Departments of Library Science and Elementary Education.

Assessment of student performance and results of the criminal justice comprehensive exams. PIs: Mahfuzul Khondaker & Pietro Toggia, Department of Criminal Justice.

Assessing undergraduate research experience in psychological science. PI: Derek Mace, Department of Psychology.

Assessing learning outcomes of undeclared students. PI: Gail Craig.

Effective, Sustainable, practical Assessment: Designing an Assessment program for the Rohrbach Library based on an approach developed by the Association of Research Libraries. Ruth Perkins, Krista Prock, & Karen Wanamaker Rohrbach Library.