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General Education Outcomes Assessment for Health and Wellness. Duane Crider, Frederick Garman, Dina Hayduk, Yongjae Kim & John Raffin, Department of Sport Management.

Assessing Fundamentals of Oral Communication (SPE 010): Standardizing Efforts for Curriculum, Improving Our Teaching, Supporting Our Students. Jay Baglia, Mary Bock, Mary Eicholtz, Ron Grapsy & Joe Harasta, Department of Speech Communication and Theatre.

Assessment of Critical Thinking for General Education. Joseph Jedwab and M. Ashraf Adeel, Department of Philosophy.

Assessment of Cross-Modal Perceptions of Music and Visual Art. Valerie Trollinger, Department of Music.

Assessment of Scientific Literacy among Kutztown University Students, Before and After Implementation of the New General Education Program. Angelika Antoni, Carol Mapes, Wendy Ryan, Dan Aruscavage and Nancy Butler, Department of Biology.