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2012 Grants

Listed below are the recipients of KU Assessment grants for 2012. Summaries of these projects can be found by clicking on the hyperlinks.

Assessing teacher candidates' professional growth during an after-school writers' workshop. Nancy Cardenuto, Department of Elementary Education.

Aptitude of graphic novels to promote vocabulary acquisition and reading comprehension.  Lynn Kutch, Department of Modern Language Studies.

Assessing oral proficiency in Spanish: Measuring how well students perform authentic tasks. Karen Rauch & Nancy Zimmerman, Department of Modern Language Studies.

Service Learning in English Education: Enhancing Pre-Service Teachers' Understanding of Literacy, Community and ESL Instruction.  Carissa Pokorny-Golden, Department of English.

Communication studies program goal assessment: Cultural diversity student learning outcome in SPE 120 and SPE 201. Lisa Weckerle, Jay Baglia, & Deryl Johnson, Department of Communication Studies & Theatre.

The developmental assessment of counseling skill acquisition in practicum and internship experiences. Helen Hamlet & Brian Wlazelek, Department of Counseling and Human Services.

The trials and tribulations of assessing teamwork. Eileen Hogan, Department of Business Administration.