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Helpful Hints To Avoid A Parking Ticket

  1. Students may park in white-line spaces only.

  2. All vehicles parked on campus between 7:00am and 4:30pm must be registered with the Department of Public Safety & Police Services and display a valid parking decal. (EXCEPTIONS: B1 and F3 lots are enforced 24/7/365. A1 meters are enforced until 7:00pm.)

  3. Visitors: All visitors' vehicles must display a Visitor permit on their vehicle from Monday-Friday, 7:00AM- 4:30PM. Visitor permits are available from Public Safety 24/7 or from the department the guest is visiting. Visitors may park in any non-reserved or non-metered space on campus.

  4. Resident Students With 18+ Credits: Vehicles must be parked in assigned lots and are not permitted to be parked on North Campus Monday-Friday between 7:00AM- 4:30PM. Exceptions must be requested through and approved by Public Safety. All Resident vehicles (except for Honors residents) will be assigned to the C lots on South Campus.

  5. Residents with F Decals: Resident students with less than 18 credits completed entering the fall semester of a given academic year will be issued an F decal. Vehicles with F decals must be parked in the Fairgrounds 24/7/365. Open Parking does NOT apply to F decals. EXCEPTION: To load and unload a vehicle, F decals are permitted to park in white-lined spaces on South Campus for periods of no longer than 20 minutes as long as the vehicle’s hazard lights are on.

  6. Commuter Students with Less Than 30 Completed Credits: Commuter students in this classification will be assigned an X decal and must park their vehicles in the A4, B3, D3, E2 or Fairgrounds lots only, and the decal must be displayed on the vehicle.

  7. Alternate/Loaner Vehicle: If a student or staff member borrows another vehicle or uses a loaner car for any period of time, they must bring the vehicle registration card and photo ID to Public Safety immediately upon bringing the car on campus. The individual will be issued a temporary parking placard with the same lot assignment as their permanent decal.

  8. Vehicle Breakdown: Notify Public Safety IMMEDIATELY and obtain a “DISABLED VEHICLE” placard from the Communications Center to place on the vehicle. This service is available 24/7.

  9. Multiple Vehicles: KU students and staff may register more than one vehicle owned by them or a member of their family without incurring an additional registration fee. Students should add the extra vehicle to their account through the Vehicle Services link in their myKU account. Afterwards, the student must bring the vehicle registration card of the additional vehicle and photo ID to Public Safety and Police Services during normal business hours. Permits may not be transferred between vehicles.

  10. Contact Public Safety at 610-683-4860 with any questions about these hints. The complete University Motor Vehicle Regulations can be viewed on the following website:




LOT ASSIGNMENTS1,2 (white line spaces only)


Honors Building residents

A9, Fairgrounds


Other resident students with 18+ credits

C lots


All resident students with less than 18 credits

Fairgrounds ONLY, 24/7/365


Undergraduate Commuters (30+ Cr.)

A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, B2, B3, D3, E1, E2, F6


Undergraduate Commuters (< 30 Cr)

A4, B3, D3, E2, Fairgrounds


Graduate Students

All lots but C lots

1  All parking assignments are based upon credits earned entering the fall semester.    

2  lot assignments are subject to change. (7/25/17)


Kutztown University Public Safety ~ 13 Old Main ~ Kutztown, PA 19530

From 8:00am-4:30pm, please call 610-683-4860.

Critical parking questions may be answered after business hours by calling 610-683-4002.