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Motor Vehicle Registration

For Students

1.  All students must pay to register a vehicle(s) on campus. The cost is $30 per semester or $50 per academic year. Students may register more than one family-owned vehicle without incurring an additional registration fee. However, no more than one vehicle may be parked on Kutztown University property at the one time.

2.  Students must register their vehicles online via their myKU account and print and display the temporary permit available to them upon registration. After the vehicle is registered online, the permanent permit must be retrieved from Public Safety during regular operating hours. A KU ID or valid photo driver's license and the valid vehicle registration card must be shown to obtain a permit.

3.  Resident upperclassmen who have completed 18 or more credits by the beginning of fall semester will be permitted to register their vehicles for on-campus parking and will be assigned to the C parking lots.

4.  Resident underclassmen who have fewer than 18 completed credits at the start of fall semester will be assigned parking at the Fairgrounds lot.

5.  Commuter upperclassmen, underclassmen and graduate students will be assigned to park in various lots across campus as determined by Public Safety prior to the beginning of the Fall semester.

6.  Registered vehicles are required to have and to maintain liability and property insurance.

For Staff, Faculty, Visitors and Employees of KU-Affiliated Organizations

1.  All faculty and staff may secure a free parking permit for vehicles they will park on campus by presenting their state-issued driver's license or KU identification card and valid vehicle registration to the Department of Public Safety and Police Services during regular operating hours.

2.  Visitors operating or parking motor vehicles on campus must display a visitor permit hanging from the rear-view mirror on their vehicle in a manner fully visible from the outside of the vehicle. Visitor permits may be obtained through the Department of Public Safety & Police Services. (Please note it is the responsibility of the university host to inform their visitors of Motor Vehicle Regulations and to ensure visitors abide by the same to avoid responsibility for the violation.) Visitor passes are available upon request to the Public Safety & Police Services office. Pertinent information outlined on the pass is to be filled in by the requesting authority prior to distribution to their visitors.

3.  Visitors may park at a parking meter near the McFarland Student Union without displaying a permit or obtain a permit from Public Safety to park elsewhere. However, meter parking is limited to one hour and the applicable rate must be paid.

Lost or Stolen Parking Permits

1.  It is the responsibility of the registered owner of a permit to report the loss or theft of such permit to Public Safety. Failure to report the loss or theft of a permit will not be considered a valid reason for appeal of a parking ticket.

2.  The reporting person will be required to complete a Parking Permit Loss Report which will be retained by Public Safety. There is a $15 Lost Permit Replacement Fee for lost permits.


1.  Bicycles operated on campus should be registered with Public Safety and display a Kutztown University permit.

2.  Bicycles must have operable brakes. When being ridden at night, the bike must have front and rear lights (reflector is suitable for the rear).

3.  Operators of bicycles on campus will be required to observe the normal rules of the road, to obey traffic lights and signs, to give hand signals for turns, and to park them in racks.

4.  At no time shall a bicycle be parked or chained where it obstructs a sidewalk, building entrance, pedestrian or vehicular traffic-way, to University-owned equipment other than bike racks, nor may it be parked inside any building.

5.  The University accepts no responsibility for cutting locks or chains to remove bicycles causing such obstructions. Violators of any of the operating/parking rules on campus will be assessed a penalty of $20 and possible seizure of bicycle.