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a. Appeals must be made within 5 days after ticket issuance to the University Traffic Bureau. The appeal will be reviewed and a decision will be rendered. Traffic Bureau decisions are final and its meetings are closed to all persons other than the violator. 

b. Ignorance of the regulations will not be accepted in any case as a basis for an appeal. All appeals must be presented online through a student's myKU account, in writing, or in person at a Traffic Bureau meeting. Traffic Bureau meetings times and location are available by calling Public Safety & Police Services at 610-683- 4002.

c. Appeals for tickets that are received more than 5 days after issuance will not be accepted unless presented in person at a meeting of the University Traffic Bureau, at which time the appeal will be heard. Written requests will automatically be denied.

d. Appeals to the Traffic Bureau, written or oral, must be expressed in an appropriate manner. Bullying, derision, use of obscenities, heated or protracted argument or any other show of disrespect toward the Bureau or its staff will result in automatic denial of the appeal and possible Code of Conduct charges.

Title 18 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes Section 7505 authorized Kutztown University to promulgate rules and regulations governing all vehicular traffic and parking upon such property. At Kutztown University a University Traffic Bureau, composed of faculty, staff, and students is designated to advise the Administrative Council on all proposals, policies, and regulations pertaining to parking and traffic control on the Kutztown University Campus; to serve as an appellate body to hear and adjudicate violations of campus traffic and parking regulations; and to provide current information to the university community regarding traffic and parking regulations.