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General Information & Regulations

a. All Commonwealth of Pennsylvania parking and traffic regulations apply upon properties owned or controlled by Kutztown University and are enforced all year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

b. All motor vehicles parked on Kutztown University property and operated by students, faculty, staff or visitors, either regularly or temporarily, must be registered with the Department of Public Safety and Police Services and must clearly display a valid University parking permit.

c. Acceptance of a permit from Kutztown University acknowledges the existence of the Motor Vehicle Regulations and the permit holder's responsibility for adherence thereto. Individuals who register a vehicle and accept a parking permit attest they are the driver of the registered vehicle and are subject to these regulations and any associated fines.

d. Students, faculty and staff are issued a permit for each vehicle upon registration. Upon issuance, the permit must be immediately adhered to the interior of the windshield on the bottom corner of the passenger's side of the registered vehicle using the adhesive on the decal. It may not be adhered to the windshield with tape, laminate, rubber bands or any other temporary method nor should it be placed on the dashboard in lieu of affixing it to the windshield. Permits on motorcycles should be placed on the fork near the vehicle's registration stickers.

e. Visitors and employees of KU-affiliated organizations are issued hang tags that are to be displayed on the rear-view mirror of the vehicle facing the front exterior of the vehicle. A temporary permit is valid in accordance with the duration of the date and time stamped on the permit. All temporary permits must be displayed on the vehicle's rear-view mirror. Visitors may park in yellow, white or green lined and non-signed spaces and according to the temporary pass issued to them by Public Safety.

f. An appropriate permit or other form of identification will be issued for each vehicle that is registered with the Department of Public Safety & Police Services. The Permit shall be displayed as directed at the time of issue, readily visible and readable from the exterior of the vehicle.

g. License plates, parking permits, and temporary passes must be visible at all times. Parking permits may not be obscured by car covers, inspection stickers, hanging ornaments, parking permits issued by other agencies or by any other manner.

h. Expired parking permits (placards, hang tags, and decals) should not be displayed and must be removed from the vehicle prior to parking on Kutztown University property. Failure to remove an expired KU permit may result in a Failure to Register Vehicle and Display Valid Permit violation.

i. Approval to utilize on-campus parking facilities terminates upon expiration of the respective permit.

j. Mutilated, altered, or defaced permits will be considered invalid and must be replaced. Only one decal shall be displayed on a vehicle. Failure to remove an expired decal may result in a fraudulent decal violation.

k. Anyone who possesses, displays, makes, sells, alters, or gives to anyone a lost, stolen or counterfeit decal/permit of the University is subject to a $100.00 fine. The violator shall have their parking privileges revoked for a period of time not to exceed two semesters for each violation. Violations occurring during the revocation period are subject to an additional $100.00 fine as well as having the vehicle booted/towed at the owner's expense. Forgery, theft of services or other criminal charges may apply.

l. Permission to operate a motor vehicle on campus may be rescinded or suspended at the discretion of University authorities. Failure to comply with University Motor Vehicle regulations, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania regulations or any type of dangerous, reckless, or damaging activities will be valid reason for revocation.

m. Registration of a vehicle ensures an assigned place to park on campus though not necessarily in a desired location.

n. Operators of a loaner/rental vehicle who have their permanent vehicles registered are to obtain a temporary permit from the Department of Public Safety and Police Services. Students must add the vehicle to their vehicle account via myKU prior to securing the temporary permit. The temporary permit must be placed on the rear-view mirror of the loaner vehicle in a visible position.

o. A change in motor vehicle registration must be reported to the Department of Public Safety & Police Services within 48 hours. Motor vehicles must be owned by the employee, student, or immediate family member. Should the living status of the student change from a campus resident to a commuter, or vice versa, the student must exchange the vehicle permit at Public Safety & Police Services within 48 hours.

p. All parking areas shall have appropriate signage at the entrance to each lot.

q. The University reserves the right to communicate with the registered operator or owner of the vehicle regarding outstanding tickets, violations or other pertinent information via the information gathered through the vehicle registration process or from the state's department of transportation.

r. Parking fines and/or Registration fees are subject to change without prior notice.